Can I start a simulation from the end of a previous one?

Problem description: 

I want to run a new simulation using a previous system state, for example to get past start-up transients in my system. Is this possible?


Yes, it is possible to store a system state and reload it during future simulations. The system state comprises

  • the values of all physical storage elements (e.g. inductors, capacitors, thermal capacitances),
  • the conduction states of all electrical switching elements (e.g. ideal switches, diodes), and
  • the values of all continuous and discrete state variables in the control block diagram (e.g. integrators, transfer functions, delays).

The default setting is for state variables to be initialized with the values specified in the individual block parameters. To initialize them globally from a previously stored state, simply store them after a transient simulation run or an analysis and then choose the saved state in the settings.

In PLECS Blockset you will find these settings in the Data Import/Export pane of the Configuration Parameters for the model. In PLECS Standalone you will find these options in the Initialization pane of the Simulation Parameters.