PLECS Blockset Packages

Running PLECS Blockset requires MATLAB and Simulink on your system. The table below shows the platforms and MATLAB versions currently supported by PLECS Blockset.

Download the appropriate package file and follow the install instructions.

The packages include all files for the following PLECS products; your license file determines which products will be enabled:

  • PLECS Blockset
  • PLECS Coder

Note — You do not need administrator privileges in order to install PLECS.

Platform MATLAB version File name
Microsoft Windows 64-bit 9.2 .. 9.14 plecs-blockset-4-7-5_win64.exe (342680056 bytes)
SHA1: e76381683d6086b08e16e4cae27e998df410f0ff
Mac / Intel 64-bit 9.2 .. 9.14 plecs-blockset-4-7-5_maci64.dmg (299593277 bytes)
SHA1: f6e592a174ecf397a81a19de2169889bfaa967e2
Linux / Intel 64-bit 9.2 .. 9.14 plecs-blockset-4-7-5_linux64.tar.gz (322385572 bytes)
SHA1: 52264f5df4dfad8656d7c581ec84f0c849b17db0