Thermal Semiconductor Models for PLECS

The following manufacturers provide ready-to-use PLECS models for their power semiconductors. The thermal models can be downloaded from the manufacturer's web page.

Manufacturer Device Type Link/Contact
Dynex IGBTs, fast recovery diodes Link
Fuji Electric IGBT modules Contact for support.
GaN Systems (GaN) MOSFETs Link
Hitachi Energy (ABB) IGBT insulated modules Link
IGBT press-pack modules Link
IGCTs Link
fast recovery diodes Link
RoadPak SiC e-mobility modules Link
Hitachi Power Semiconductors Various IGBT, SiC modules Contact for support.
Infineon Various Power Devices Link
Microchip (Microsemi) SiC MOSFETs, diodes Link
onsemi Automotive power modules Contact for support.
quorvo (UnitedSiC) SiC MOSFETs Link (click "Design Files" for a device)
SiC Schottky diodes Link (click "Design Files" for a device)
Rohm Semiconductor Field stop trench IGBTs Link
SiC power modules Link
Wolfspeed (SiC) MOSFETs, modules, diodes Link

In order to use these models, add the folder(s) containing the .xml files to the list of "Thermal description search paths" in the "Thermal" tab of the PLECS Preferences window. Then, click the Rescan button. The models are then available for association to the relevant power semiconductor component types in PLECS.