PLECS Manuals

Get pricing

Get the pricing for Plexim products and order a quotation. The price for software licenses depends on the intended type of use (commercial or academic), the license type (individual, concurrent or dongle), and the number of licenses ordered simultaneously. Customers in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore or Taiwan should please contact our local authorized distributors. For all other countries:

Request a PLECS trial license

Do you want to test the performance of PLECS on large systems? — Order a trial license at no cost! The trial license permits you to use the fully functional version of PLECS for a period of 90 days, beginning with the date the license is issued.

Request a student license for PLECS

Do you need PLECS for your studies at university? — If your professor has an agreement with Plexim, you may request a fully functional version of PLECS at no additional cost. All you need is a code from your professor and the Ethernet MAC address of your computer. A student license is valid for one year and can be renewed thereafter if you provide a new code.