Introduction to PLECS Standalone

This tutorial video introduces the basic concepts of PLECS Standalone by having the user build up a DC/DC converter including PLECS' ideal switches. The instructions explain how to use the component libraries to model a system in the PLECS workspace, as well as how to interconnect components and parameterize them. Then a simulation can be run and resulting waveforms are viewed in the PLECS Scope. The user will also learn how to create a subsystem for organizing the model, implement controls for a multi-domain system, and use the Probe block to monitor component signals as an alternative to using meters and sensors.

Most of the concepts shown are also relevant in PLECS Blockset, with the exception that a PLECS Standalone simulation uses its own independent solvers, and not the Simulink solvers. For a demonstration of PLECS Blockset, please view the tutorial video "Introduction to PLECS Blockset".