Thermal Domain

Single-Phase Battery Charger

This PLECS demo model shows a grid-connected battery charger with cascaded AC/DC and DC/DC converters. The AC/DC converter is regulated by a digital PI controller to achieve power factor correction (PFC) and maintain the DC bus voltage at 300 VDC. The DC/DC converter is designed to provide a maximum 120 VDC output at a power rating of 1.4 kW.

Three-Phase, Grid-Connected PV Inverter

Three-phase PV inverters are generally used for off-grid industrial use or can be designed to produce utility frequency AC for connection to the electrical grid. This PLECS application example model demonstrates a three-phase grid-connected solar inverter. The PV system includes an accurate PV string model and the strings can be series-parallel connected to scale to a desired array output power. The simulation combines the electrical power circuit, the DC/DC and DC/AC control schemes, and the thermal behavior of the semiconductors.

DFIG Wind Turbine System

The doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) system is a popular system in which the power electronic interface controls the rotor currents to achieve the variable speed necessary for maximum energy capture in variable winds. Because the power electronics only process the rotor power, typically less than 25% of the overall output power, the DFIG offers the advantages of speed control with reduced cost and power losses. This PLECS demo model demonstrates a grid-connected wind turbine system using all of PLECS' physical modeling domains. The system model includes a mechanical model of the blades, hub, and shaft, a back-to-back converter including thermal loss calculations, a magnetic model of the three-phase transformer, and the transmission line and grid.