RT Box LaunchPad Interface

LaunchPad Interface

The LaunchPad Interface facilitates a simple connection of the RT Box with the LaunchPad and LaunchPad XL development kits from Texas Instruments. It enables the user to test control algorithms implemented on C2000 MCUs without building own interface hardware. The pinout of the LaunchPad Interface board has been optimized for the following development kits:

  • LaunchXL-F28069M
  • LaunchXL-F28377S
  • LaunchXL-F28379D
  • LaunchXL-F28027
  • LaunchXL-F280049C
  • LaunchXL-F280039C

The LaunchPad Interface may also be used with other development boards compliant with the LaunchPad pinout.

Additionally, the board provides access to 8 analog outputs of the RT Box via BNC connectors and to 8 digital input and 8 digital output signals via shrouded pin headers. For simple status communication with the RT Box the board features four sliding switches and four LEDs.

The LaunchPad Interface ships with a preprogrammed LaunchXL-F28069M. The demo application running on the C2000 processor is capable of performing real-time block current control of a BLDC motor. With the RT Box Target Support Package installed, this model can be found in the RT Box Demo Model Library under Motor Drives > BLDC Machine Demo Application for LaunchPad Interface Board.

The user manual for the LaunchPad Interface can be found here.