Control Systems

Analog and Digital Control Blocks for Regulating Power Converters

PCB with digital control circuit

Verification and validation of control algorithms is one important application of modeling power electronic systems.

PLECS supports the realization of any analog or digital control scheme. Sophisticated and realistic control algorithms can be implemented using the following library blocks:

  • Continuous and discrete signal processing blocks
  • C-Script block for implementing custom functionality in ANSI-C
  • DLL block for loading compiled object code into the model
  • State machine block for event driven system design

Beyond these general purpose signal processing blocks, PLECS provides pulse generators specially designed for controlling power converters. The PWM generators take advantage of the solver's ability to accurately calculate switching times in advance. Since the PWM scheme is not based on analog carrier signals, the solver is freed from the computational burden of continuously comparing the carrier with the modulation index.

With the additional analysis tools the stability and robustness of the controlled system can be analyzed in the frequency domain. The scripting features invoke simulation runs to facilitate automated variations of plant parameters.