Analysis Tools

Built-in Tools for Fast Frequency Analysis

In addition to providing standard transient simulations, PLECS features a set of advanced and easy-to-use analysis tools.

Steady-State Analysis

Steady-state analysis enables the user to determine the periodic steady-state operating point of a switching system without having to simulate the start-up transients. This is particularly useful in combination with thermal simulations where the time constants can easily span 6 orders of magnitude (with the switching period at the bottom and the thermal spreading at the top of the scale). After the analysis, the PLECS Scope displays the set number of steady-state cycles for the waveforms of interest.

Small-Signal Analysis

Transfer functions play an important role in controller design. PLECS enables the user to determine open-loop transfer functions or closed-loop gains of switching systems without having to revert to averaged models. Control to output transfer functions, output impedance analysis, and loop gain analysis are examples of how these tools can be used. Upon completion of these analyses, a scope opens and displays the Bode plot of the transfer function.

Loop gain analysis

Calculation of State Space Matrices

PLECS gives the user access to the state space matrices that describe a system. These matrices can be used for advance analyses, e.g., eigenvalue analysis or state space averaging.