TI C2000 Code Generation

Target Support Package

To generate code for Texas Instruments (TI) C2000 MCUs, PLECS Standalone or PLECS Blockset, and the PLECS Coder are required. In addition, a Target Support Package (TSP) must be installed.

Type Platform File name
Installer Executable Windows ti_c2000_1.4.3.exe
TSP Zip Archive Windows, Mac and Linux ti_c2000_1.4.3.zip

The current version of the TSP requires PLECS version 4.5.5 or newer. It supports the TI 2833x, TI 2806x, TI 2837x, and TI 28004x microprocessors.

It is highly recommended that the Installer executable be used for installation on Windows.

For other platforms, the manual installation process outline below must be followed.


This video provides basic instructions for getting started with the TI C2000 TSP.

Please download the ZIP archive, extract it, and move the folder ti_c2000 to e.g. HOME/Documents/PLECS/CoderTargets. In PLECS, choose the entry Preferences... from the File menu (PLECS menu on Mac OS X) to open the PLECS Preferences dialog.

On the Coder tab click on the Change button and select the folder HOME/Documents/PLECS/CoderTargets. The TI C2000 Target should now be listed under Installed targets.

Next, select PLECS Documentation from the Help menu and navigate to the TI C2000 Target Support Online Help section for detailed instructions on how to get started with this target support package.

Release History

Version 1.4: Peak current control block and powerstage protection features added. Requires PLECS 4.5.8 or later.

Version 1.3: Supports PIL. Multiple demo models added. Requires PLECS 4.5.5 or later.

Version 1.2: Supports code generation with multi-tasking. CAN, SPI and Pulse Capture blocks added. Requires PLECS 4.4.x or later.

Version 1.1: Support for TMS320F28335. Variable frequency PWM generator. DAC and PGA support.

Version 1.0: Initial release. Requires PLECS 4.3.x or later.