RT Box Software

Target Support Packages

To operate the RT Box, PLECS Standalone or PLECS Blockset and the PLECS Coder are required on a host computer. In addition, a Target Support Package (see table below) must be installed on the host.

Platform File name
Microsoft Windows 32-bit / 64-bit PLECS_RT_Box_2.1.6_win.zip (196812954 bytes)
Mac / Intel 64-bit PLECS_RT_Box_2.1.6_mac.zip (216651728 bytes)
Linux / Intel 64-bit PLECS_RT_Box_2.1.6_linux.zip (213270982 bytes)

This target support package requires PLECS version 4.5.2 or newer.


This video provides basic instructions for setting up a PLECS RT Box 1. A separate video provides instructions for configuring advanced network features on a PLECS RT Box 1.

Please download the appropriate ZIP archive, extract it and move the folder PLECS_RT_Box e.g. to HOME/Documents/PLECS/CoderTargets. In PLECS, choose the entry Preferences... from the File menu (PLECS menu on Mac OS X) to open the PLECS Preferences dialog.

On the Coder tab click on the Change button and select the folder HOME/Documents/PLECS/CoderTargets. The RT Box Target should now be listed under Installed targets.

Firmware Update

The firmware of the RT Box is stored on a SD Card which is accessible on the back side of the box. The version of the installed firmware is displayed in the Info tab in the RT Box web interface.

Follow these steps for updating the firmware:

  1. Turn off the RT Box. Remove the SD Card from the slot on the back of the box by pushing it in.
  2. Put the card into an SD card reader connected to your PC.
  3. Locate the new firmware: Open the directory containing the target support package, then open the folder PLECS_RT_Box\firmware. It contains a sub-directory versionnumber, e.g. 1.2.0, with another subdirectory rtbox1 (for RT Box 1 and CE) and rtbox2 (for RT Box 2 and 3). The firmware consists of three files: image.ub, BOOT.BIN and uboot.env.
  4. Copy the files image.ubBOOT.BIN and uboot.env to the root directory of the SD card.
  5. Eject the SD card and remove it from the card reader.
  6. Place the SD card back into the slot on the back of the RT Box.
  7. Turn on the box and reload the web interface of the RT Box in your web browser. The new firmware version should be displayed in the Info tab of the RT Box Web Interface.

Release History

Version 2.1: Wall Clock block, To File block (for RT Box 2/3), asynchronous SPI Master, preemptive multitasking for RT Box 1
Version 2.0: Support for RT Box 2 and 3, updated compiler
Version 1.8: CAN Pack and Unpack blocks, support for RT Box 1 Rev. 1.2
Version 1.7: Support for CAN and UDP
Version 1.6: Fixes for Quadrature Encoder and SPI Master
Version 1.5: Support for Quadrature Encoder Counter
Version 1.4: Support for SPI and XML-RPC
Version 1.3: Support for PWM synchronization and variable ADC sampling delay
Version 1.2: Support for SFP communication
Version 1.1: Initial RT Box firmware