Job Opening

Plexim, with locations in Zurich and Boston is a growing software company active in the field of technical simulation. For 20 years we have successfully developed and marketed the simulation software PLECS for power electronic systems and electrical drives. In addition, we offer automatic code generation and real-time systems as pioneering technologies for the development of controls. Plexim's office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has the following open position:

Senior Embedded Engineer

Job Description:

In the role as a Senior Embedded Engineer you are a technical expert at the very interface between software and hardware. You excel at the design of C/C++ code for microcontrollers (MCUs) and have a solid understanding of mixed-signal electronics. Your job consists of developing solutions for generating embedded code from PLECS simulation models, enabling power electronics engineers around the world to quickly realize their ideas without needing to become embedded experts themselves.


  • Produce high quality, efficient and maintainable C/C++ code.
  • Configure MCU resources such GPIO, ADC and PWM peripherals.
  • Create frameworks for interrupt driven preemptive task execution.
  • Architect solutions for executing code on multiple cores.
  • Perform design and code reviews.
  • Generate unit tests and implement/configure testing frameworks.
  • Work with software version control tools.
  • Create documentation and demo models.
  • Interface with Plexim applications engineers.
  • Provide technical support to Plexim customers.


  • Master's degree in Computer Engineering/Science or Electrical Engineering.
  • 3 years of experience with embedded systems.
  • Successful delivery of embedded production code in either C or C++.
  • Experience working with cross-functional engineering teams.
  • Excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills.
  • Driven and self-motivated.

The Preferred Candidate:

  • Has experience in modeling and simulation with software such as PLECS, MATLAB/Simulink, or similar.
  • Understands power electronic circuits and controls.
  • Is familiar with Linux development and debugging tools.
  • Has worked with low-level communication protocols such as SPI, SCI and CAN.
  • Is proficient with the Lua programming language.
  • Has experience with TI C2000 and STM32 MCUs.

Please submit your application by e-mail to

Plexim, Inc., 5 Upland Road, Suite 4, Cambridge, MA 02140

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